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I’m moving the blog onto a new web server, so things might be a little weird for a couple of days🙂

To help make the move, I’m using my “other” domain ( but this will eventually revert back to once everything is working okay.

Squirrels falling out of the sky isn’t something that’s unheard of in Huddersfield — see this BBC News story about an inventor who suffered whiplash from a falling squirrel — but I’d not seen it happen until yesterday.

Late yesterday afternoon, we ventured out into the snow and had a little wander through the local woods. I’d taken my camera with me and, not too far into the woods, I took this photo of the path…


My camera’s set up to do a “burst” of shots, so it automatically took another 3 photos in quick succession. Just as I was taking the first photo, I was aware of a noise in the tree tops — what I didn’t realise was it was the sound of a squirrel falling😀

The next shot caught the squirrel in mid-fall, although it’s just a blur in the middle of the frame…


…it had a soft landing in about 9 inches of snow…


…and then headed straight back up the nearest tree…


…within seconds it was leaping around the tree tops like nothing had happened…



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