Joe, our beloved cat for the last 4 years, passed away this evening at 6:30pm.

Just before Christmas, he started to go off his food and was initially diagnosed with kidney disease. Despite having high levels of toxins in his blood, he responded well to the first round of treatment.

Throughout January, he had to go back to the vets on a regular basis and the diagnosis was eventually changed to renal lymphoma (cancer of the kidney). By then, we’d had good days (when he was back to his old self and running around the house) and bad days.

Once the lymphoma had been diagnosed, Joe’s only hope was a course of chemotherapy, which he began on Monday. Although the chemo did have a positive effect, sadly his kidneys were already too damaged and his energy drained away on Tuesday. He went back on a drip at lunchtime today.

With the prospect that he might not make it through the night, Bryony and I took the decision to say goodbye to Joe before he started to suffer too much. We were both with him at the end and he slipped away peacefully.

We’d like to thank the staff at Donaldson and Partners and, especially, Sid, the vet who looked after Joe, who was our rock throughout.

Joe was such a central part of our lives and we’ll miss him. We’re both so glad that we’ve got so many happy memories of him 🙂

Bryony and Dave


  1. Paul S. said:

    Oh, Dave. I’m sorry. Poor Joe 😦

  2. Lisa said:

    Rest in peace Joe xxx

  3. Zoë & Jeg said:

    Brave beautiful Joe – so sorry you’ve lost him. Cherish those memories, be happy you gave him a wonderful and a much love-filled life. Hugs from us xxx

  4. Linda lewis said:

    Sleep peaceful Jo your memory will be cherished

  5. Kathryn Deiss said:

    So sorry to hear about this immense loss, Dave. I know that it can be the hardest thing to lose a pet so close to you. I am glad you have such good memories – and such great photos of Joe!

  6. Phil Coles said:

    I was very sad to read this news Dave. I am sure he had a great life with and you and Bryony.

  7. Theresa said:

    So sorry to hear about Joe – I had to make a similar decision with my pet two weeks ago today. He looks like he was a right character – keep the photos and memories handy.

  8. Dave – I am so sorry to hear about your loss.

    I can’t think of anything consoling to say in this situation – I was always a cat man, before.

    Now I have a 4-year-old dog, and defend him from cars and gun-toting sheep farmers, and anyone who might harm him, by accident or design.

    I hope Joe had a happy and fulfilling life, and all I can say (as an atheist) is that I’d probably prefer to be in Cat Heaven, if I had a choice. May he have all the afterlife fun he deserves.

  9. Mike said:


    I’m really sorry to hear that. Hang onto the memories.


  10. Oh man, how’d I miss this news? I’m sorry for not saying “I’m sorry” already. And I’m sorry.

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