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We’re now accepting registrations for Mashed Library UK 2009: Mash Oop North!


Please see the event blog for further details.


Blimey — we’ve “sold out” already! Any bookings from 2:20pm onwards today will be placed on a waiting list.

I’m guessing it’s safe to post this now, although I’m still expecting a phone call from lawyers representing OCLC and/or The Library Journal after “accidentally” stumbling on the news before it officially broke :-S

The LJ article (written by Marshall Breeding) isn’t live at the moment, but it the annoucement has appeared on the OCLC home pages:

OCLC announces strategy to move library management services to Web scale
Andrew Pace: And now for something completely different


We’ve been logging all keyword searches on our OPAC for nearly 3 years and now have details for over 3 million searches. Just in case the data is of any use to anyone, I’ve uploaded an aggregated XML version to our web server:

As with the usage data, we’re putting it out there with no strings attached by using an Open Data Commons Licence.

The XML file contains a list of about 8,500 keywords. For each keyword, there’s a list of other terms that have been used with that keyword in multi-term searches. The readme file contains more information about the structure.