Hey up — we're on TV!

The last episode of “Unforgiven” (IMDB) has just finished, and it featured quite a bit of footage filmed on-campus at the University of Huddersfield — mostly in the new Creative Arts Building, opposite the library…


However, if you watched the programme, you probably spotted that the TV production crew covered up the University of Huddersfield signage and replaced it with “University of York”. They even used the same font and design as York!!!

I’m not sure if there’s anyone from York reading this blog, but I’m curious to know what exactly happened. Presumably the University of York gave the production company permission to use their corporate branding? If so, why didn’t they just do the filming at York in the first place? I’m also surprised that the top brass at Huddersfield gave the production company permission to dress our University as another one — especially one that wasn’t a fictional university :-S

Anyway, if you did watch the final episode, the parts where Ruth Slater (played by Suranne Jones) followed her sister (Emily Beecham) to the university were filmed at Huddersfield in the Creative Arts Building and in the Quayside area of the Central Services Building.

  1. Chris said:

    I watched the programme too and had to wonder why they pretended Huddersfield Uni was York, i guess that’s the way it was written.
    The production company that filmed it are based in Manchester and all filming was in the Huddersfield area. Did you notice in the first episode where Ruth Slater is being driven from prison and goes past sister who had a road accident? Well that was filmed on the bridge at the bottom of Newsome Road?
    Did you spot the uni canteen too?
    Also, the ‘York’ halls were actually Storthes Hall…which is why i had to chuckle when someone said the campus is on the same site.

  2. Susan said:

    whew! Relief! I guess you can say you worked at both places simultaneously… how many people can say that!?

  3. Thanks Chris — I forgot to mention about Storthes Hall being the halls of residence!

    For those not familiar with it, Storthes Hall is about 6 miles from the campus and used to be an asylum. There’s some cool photos from inside the abandoned hall on this site.

  4. Nath said:

    …some would say Storthes Hall still is an asylum. I couldn’t possibly comment.

  5. Tim said:

    Well from a purely London perspective one might suggest that one Yorkshire university is pretty much like another – or even profess amazement that there is more than one!

    I one the other hand have offspring at York so know much better!

  6. Iman said:

    whoa whoa whoa… someone actually let them film here and call it york?

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