Quick lunchtime hack-a-thon

It’s an ugly bit of coding and definitely a “crappy prototype”, but here’s a quick & dirty mashup of the blog posts tracked by HotStuff and Google Maps…


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  1. It’s not quite perfect — I had no idea there were so many cities in the US named after people!

    Basically it runs off a list of country (big red markers) and city names (smaller green markers) and tries to find matches within the blog post text.

    It seems to be about 80% accurate, but it’s difficult to be perfect — is the blog post about Abraham Lincoln, Lincoln Libraries in Nebraska, Lincoln in the UK, Lincoln Cushing, or maybe the places named “Lincoln” in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, or any of the 30 or so “Lincoln”s in the US? Heck, it might even be a review of the 1988 album of that name by They Might Be Giants!

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