HotStuff 2.0 – live and kicking

As promised/threatened just before Christmas, the new version of HotStuff is now up and running:

It’s still early days, so it’ll be a week or two before it really starts to pick up on the hot new topics in the biblioblogosphere. So far, it’s sucked in just under 1,000 blog posts and found nearly 17,000 unique words.

Each day, it’ll create a new Word of the Day blog post using a word that’s seen a sizeable increase in usage in the previous few days. Today’s word was “skills“.

You can also search for specific words (e.g. Dewey, LCSH or cool) or view keyword clouds for specific blogs (e.g. “Walt at Random” or “Tame the Web“). There’s also a keyword cloud that pulls everything together to show the most used frequently words from all the blogs.

Once again — if you’d like your RSS/Atom feed adding, just leave a comment (same goes for if you’d like your feed removing!). You can see a list of the current feeds on Bloglines:

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