Coming soon, to a blog near here…

Okay — I’m the first to admit I don’t blog enough… I still haven’t even blogged about how great Mashed Library 2008 was (luckily other attendees have already blogged about it!)

Anyway, unless I get run over by a bus, later on this week I’m going to post something fairly big — well, it’s about 90MB which perhaps isn’t that “big” these days — that I’m hoping will get a lot of people in the library world talking. What I’ll be posting will just be a little droplet, but I’m hoping one day it’ll be part of a small stream …or perhaps even a little river.

(view slideshow of Mashed Library 2008)

  1. electric aye said:

    Dave, this is cruel. It’s the Horizon 8 source code, no? SirsiDynix annual accounts?

    Right now, dozens of uber geeks across the land are hoping that there are no buses for the foreseeable future in the Huddersfield area…

  2. Tease!

    Why do I get the feeling that there is a multitude of clues in your message that will be bleeding obvious once the latest Patternation is unleashed ?

  3. Sorry — I’m a born teaser!!!

    I must have subconsciously chosen the “Share” picture from Mashed Library, as that’s a big clue 🙂

  4. Actually Kathyrn, it’s in the same vein as something you’ve recently blogged about!

  5. Frantically reading back ….

    You have created a fruit cake recipe with even fewer ingredients?

    You are going to record your own OSS song?

    You have created an OSS version of a consortial ILL system (OK, so I haven’t blogged about it… just want someone to do it)

    You’re creating something that rips the DRM protection off e-books and frees their contents to all to enjoy?

    You are creating a way for us to have a world-wide, distributed library unconfernce? (Hold on, that’s twitter or the LSW, isn’t it…)

    You are rallying against internet censorship?

    Whaaaaaaaaat iiiiis iiiiit?

  6. Susan said:

    I always knew that Horizon 8 stuff was good for something!


  7. Busted — I’ve come up with a way of making fruity ebooks sing songs about internet censorship 😉

  8. electric aye said:

    …the’s all too much.

    Is it so good, it’s a case of “Pattern Pending”?

    I’ll get my coat.

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