30 years young

Wow — this makes me feel old! Lego “minifigs” (specifically the ones with moveable arms and legs) are 30 years old this year…

Looking through the 1978 Lego releases, I’ve no problem at all in identifying exactly which ones I bought with my pocket money 😀

Space Transport (918)
Space Transporter (924)
Space Scooter (885)
Police car (621)
Shell tanker (671)

The 1978 catalogues also bring back loads of memories.

A couple of years later, I was lucky enough to get one of these — the Expert Builder Auto Chassis (8860-1)

…from memory, it took about 90 minutes to build from scratch 😀

So, many thanks to Ole Kirk Christiansen for the hundreds of hours of fun I had playing with my Lego collection as a child and many happy returns to all of the billions of minifigs out there!

p.s. drool

1 comment
  1. Tim said:


    You might be interested in this use of Lego people from last year!

    This year they used Mr Potato Head.



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