"Spin, spin, spin the Wheel of Justice…"

Kudos if you automatically sang to yourself “…see how fast the bastard turns” 😉

If you’ve no idea what I’m on about, then YouTube is your friend.

Anyway, I got to playing around with the OPAC keyword cloud data and ImageMagick and came up with this (reload that web page to get a new image)…

wheel4 wheel3 wheel5 wheel10 wheel8 wheel11 wheel13 wheel12

I was struggling to remember how to find the points on the circumference of a circle until I remembered that one of the chapters in the original ZX Spectrum manual covered the topic.

The word in the middle is chosen at random from the top 200 most popular keywords used on our OPAC and the surrounding words at those most commonly used with that word.

  1. jonm said:

    Ahh – but what do we do with the wheel of justice? – comb its’ hair!

  2. …unless it’s the Wheel Of Conciliation, in which case you need to spray it with fertility juice! 😀

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