Online Information 2007 – Day One

Shhhhhh – I’m trying to type very quietly, whilst sat at the back of the room whilst a presentation is going on 😉

I finally managed to get myself onto the free wi-fi at Online Information 2007, so just a quick blog post in case I lose the connection!

If anyone at the conference wants to chat, there’s always Gabbly.

I’ve also got a lovely new box of Moo cards, which I hope to give out.

By the way, if anyone wants to recommend a decent non-expensive restaurant somewhere near Kensington or Bayswater, then please do!

  1. Rudi said:

    There’s good maroccan restaurant second left from bayswater station. (-: What’s the name again? Search at it’s a kind of social network site on restaurants in London. I got the address from there and it was worth the try, wasn’t it. Cheers and thanks for the ideas. Our opac sucks too.


  2. The Moroccan is called CousCous Cafe, and very nice it was too! I had the fish tagine with couscous and a bottle of Casablanca beer 🙂

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