SirsiDynix Rome Sweepstake #1 – EDIFACT

Will SirsiDynix Rome support the EDIFACT standard from day 1? The US office says “no” and “probably not”, whilst the UK office says “yes”.

For UK customers, EDIFACT is pretty much an essential requirement for running a library. In fact, I suspect most libraries outside of the US require it.

So, will the first release of Rome have EDIFACT or won’t it? As the US will be doing the development, I suspect the answer might be “no”, but I’m sure I’ll shortly receive another telephone call from the UK office to say “yes” (if only to even up the scores at two all).

  1. Well, it looks like USA has scored a goal in the dying minutes of the game — the official “Rome” web site says EDIFACT support will come along at some point, but no guarantee of it being in the initial release.

    Will this be full EDIFACT support, or just some of the message types? I dunno and I guess we’ll have to wait awhile to find out.

    By the way, if anyone is interested in what Rome will look like, it’s doesn’t look any different to Unicorn. In fact, all of the Rome screenshots clearly say “Unicorn” in the application title bar.

  2. Ian said:

    I noted that they used the word ‘codename’ in some of the initial documents about Rome. In other words the product we see late this year probably won’t be called Rome. I hope they’ve not inadvertently revealed something we weren’t supposed to know…..

  3. Hopefully the US office will pick up on the concerns about EDIFACT (which is partly why I posted this in the first place).

    Although it’s nice to know that Rome will support EDIFACT at some point in the future, many UK libraries can’t even begin to consider a migration until they know when. If I know it won’t be there until Rome v3, then I can plan ahead accordingly.

    What I can’t seriously do is attend management meetings and say “we might go to Rome in 2008… or 2009… or maybe even 2010”. This is effectively what was happening with Horizon 8 for the last couple of years and you would assume that Vista would want to avoid that happening again?

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