Hey, whatcha lookin' at?

Just for the heck of it, I’ve started logging details of the full bib pages displayed in the OPAC to get a feel for what are the most looked at books. Once we’ve got enough data, it’ll be interesting to cross reference that with the actual number of physical copies we own for each title and whether or not a copy was checked out shortly after it was looked at.

In the meantime, here’s another “wall of books” to feast your eyes on…

top 50 most looked at books on the OPAC in the last 7 days
(I don’t have 7 days of data yet, but not to worry!)

Heh – glad to see the following funky book made it into the initial top 50 🙂

1 comment
  1. Now we’ve got two days more worth of data to play with, I’ve bumped it up to the “top 100”.

    I’ve also code a companion page which shows “popular books from the last 24 hours that haven’t been looked at much before” (sorry – I couldn’t think of a shorter title!)


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