The Library Predict-o-matic 3000

Were you caught on the hop by the merger of Sirsi and Dynix?

Did the Ex Libris acquisition of Endeavor take you by surprise?

Were you amazed by the breaking news that LibraryThing is going to buy out Talis?

If the answer to any of the above is “yes”, then you need the…

Library Predict-o-matic 3000


  1. “Dave Pattern will create another random generator which librarians will refresh more times than is good for them.

    He will be acquired by Exlibralisisovativeixbay and made to wear copius amounts of lipstick just so Michael Stephens will call him “hot”. ”

    You’ve done it again. Thanks!

  2. Heh — as long as I don’t have to wear high heels!

    I think my faves so far are:

    Talis will release a new ILS product named “Sexula”. It will come with optional lipstick.

    Sirsidynix will unveil a new virtual version of Michael Stephens named “Alola”. Unfortunately, it will only be 27% as sexy as the original.

    ExLibris will release a new coffee machine named “Parpy”. It will be solar powered.

  3. I’ve added a URL for each prediction, so you can win friends and influence people by sharing it.

  4. “Were you amazed by the breaking news that LibraryThing is going to buy out Talis?”

    Erm. Yes, I was! 🙂

  5. See Paul — that’s exactly why you need the Predict-o-matic 3000, otherwise staff at Talis, SirsiDynix, III, and Ex Libris wouldn’t know who they were working for from one week to the next!

    By the way, I can’t wait to see you demo your new “Sexula” product 🙂

    (I should point out that the last item about LibraryThing buying out Talis was pure speculation, and had nothing to do with the large number of LT shares I’d recently purchased)

  6. Just in case anyone was wondering, the product names are generated from bits of existing products (e.g. Uni-corn, Meta-Lib, Hor-izon, etc) plus a sprinkling of Sci-Fi robot style names.

    There’s also a few words thrown in that could sway me towards buying a product (e.g. Mega, Ultra, Giga, Sex, etc). Let’s face it, if SirsiDynix gave you the choice between buying “Horizon” or the “GigaHorizon MegaSex 750”, I know which product brochure I’d be wanting to look at! 😉

  7. I’m so glad I stumbled upon the Predict-o-Matic 3000. It isn’t easy to make me laugh out loud at 7:45 in the morning before I’ve finished my coffee. Congratulations to all you libfreaks that made that stuff up. Priceless.

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  9. Heh — my new favourite:

    …I can’t wait to see Megachatron take on Mothra and Space Godzilla!

  10. Michael Stephens said:

    I absloutely love this! Thanks for the humor…


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