Woot! My first Second Life hack!

In what might turn out to be the most pointless thing ever done in Second Life, I’ve successfully embeded the Library 2.0 Idea Generator into an otherwise ordinary looking pavement slab…




  1. A pavement slab… what was I thinking of?

    This is much more like it…

    …the Monolith has spoken and the Librarians of the World are compelled to obey!

    (heh — it even plays György Ligeti‘s Requiem For Soprano, Mezzo Soprano, Two Mixed Choirs & Orchestra when you touch it)

  2. I just made a post on my own blog about the Lib2.0 generator and put the code up.
    I would like to know how that scripting in SL is working, even with the slab -;)
    I haven’t had time to dig into “hacking in” but obviously thát is going to be the future.
    Could we talk about how you did this? Is there a standard script you can use to “harvest” the info from the web?

  3. Namro said:

    Cool Dave!
    This is what we mean by Open Source & Access!
    i am going to struggle with it too!
    Thanks. And see you around inworld.

  4. Shizzle said:

    Pfft. Being part of PN I’m cooler.

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