A serendipity of clouds

Insipired by the BBC Radio 1 tag cloud mentioned by Richard Wallis on the Panlibus blog, I quickly threw a couple together for the most recent search keywords used on our OPAC:



The pages use Ajax and should automatically refresh with updated content every few seconds (assuming that someone has been searching the OPAC recently).

No points for guessing that the larger the font, the more times the word has been used in recent searches!

  1. Just a couple of notes…

    1) it only displays keywords that gave results, and each keyword must have been used at least a couple of times recently

    2) in a crude attempt to remove stop words, it ignores any keywords that are less than 4 characters long

  2. Just in case anyone’s been looking at the cloud in the last couple of hours and wondering why nothing was changing, we had to evacuate the entire Library building this afternoon!

    I’ve also added some proper checks for stop words, so shorter keywords might start appearing now.

  3. Mike said:

    This is great! Now I just have to figure out how to get this live search data out of our crappy Innovative system… 😉

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