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Insipired by the BBC Radio 1 tag cloud mentioned by Richard Wallis on the Panlibus blog, I quickly threw a couple together for the most recent search keywords used on our OPAC:

The pages use Ajax and should automatically refresh with updated content every few seconds (assuming that someone has been searching the OPAC recently).

No points for guessing that the larger the font, the more times the word has been used in recent searches!

Just realised I’ve not blogged about my ongoing wuv affair with the MediaWiki software!

Earlier on in the year, I started moving my existing Hitchcock web site into a wiki, and I’ve been having fun writing extensions to add extra features to the wiki — for example, on the page for “Vertigo“, Hitch is keeping track of the film rating and a custom extension is providing links through to the Image Gallery images for the film…

We’ve also recently launched two other wikis — the DUG Wiki (for the Dynix UK User Group) and our new Electronic Resources Wiki.

The latter is an attempt to bring together all of the information we have about our resources into a single location, and also to support collaboration from the Library staff.  It’s still early days for the wiki, but the feedback from both staff (including Academic staff) and students has been very positive so far.

At present, only Library staff are able to edit the main articles, but anyone can edit the discussion pages.  Hopefully it will grow into a useful resource for our students!

I can’t remember the last time I was up and out of bed before 6am, but this morning I’m giving a remote presentation about Web/Library 2.0 to the 2006 CODA Conference in Brisbane, Australia.

Given the choice, I’d much rather being doing it in person… instead of being sat here in Huddersfield where it’s pitch black outside and raining heavily!

SirsiDynix did offer to let us use their webinar software, but we’ve decided to do the presentation using Skype (for audio) and Festoon (to share my desktop).

A few years ago, I’m sure doing this would have involved someone running a copy of the presentation at the venue whilst I spoke over the telephone.  However today, we’ll be doing it with free software and it won’t cost either CODA or myself a single penny/cent/dollar.

Plus, I get to do the presentation wearing a pair of jogging bottoms and an old t-shirt, and unbrushed hair! 😀

Well folks, CODI 2006 is over!

It looks like it was another excellent conference, so congratulations to everyone involved in organising the event and many thanks to those of you who kept the rest of us up-to-date with your blog posts and photographs 🙂

If you were at CODI 2006 but you’re not a blogger, please consider posting your session notes and conference summaries to The Gordian Knot — there’s a lot of Horizon & Dynix sites out there who would love to read them!

The updates from the final day are…

Phyllis has posted:
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Over at the CODI 2006 / Salt Lake City, there’s:
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Kevin has posted:
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The codi2006 tagged images at flickr are now up to 459 — that almost 3 times as many as last year!

“So you were teetotal until your library became an 8.0 beta site, huh?!”

It’s 9am in Salt Lake City on the 3rd and final day of CODI 2006.

Let’s catch up with the overnight action!

There’s now nearly 300 photographs tagged with “codi2006” at flickr 🙂

Over at The Gordian Knot, Super Susan and Luke have been playing catch up:
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There’ll probably be a couple more updates, but let me say that I hope everyone has a great final day and a safe journey home!

It’s 11:30pm in Utah, so the 2nd day of CODI 2006 is coming to an end.

Here’s a quick update of the latest action…

Over at the CODI 2006 / Salt Lake City blog:
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Phyllis has a post about RFID:
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Kevin has posted some more photographs to his flickr account:

And finally, I reckon Ben‘s in danger of getting RSI in his shutter finger!