Dang — almost got the full set…

Typical — just when I’m having fun messing about with Amazon Web Services, almost every Amazon site in the world breaks down…







…I almost got the full set, but Amazon Japan is still going strong…


Given Amazon’s dominance, I wonder how much it’s costing them in lost sales per minute to have their entire Western World web presence offline? By my reckoning, they’ve been offline for at least 30 minutes now.

Anyway, it’s a good excuse to browse the bizarre Hello Kitty merchandise on Amazon Japan:

Hello Kitty Public Address System

Hello Kitty First Aid Kit

Hello Kitty Stradivarius

Hello Kitty Landmine Detector

  1. *sporfle*

    You owe me a new keyboard for that last one.

  2. You obviously didn’t see the Hello Kitty stand at the last Defence Systems and Equipment International arms fair then 😉

  3. The really sad part is my wife has three of four of those things in her collection…hopefully she won’t find this and add the fourth.

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