DUG/HUG Day Minus One

Martin and myself travelled down to Lincoln yesterday (via Sheffield) on a train that seemed to stop at everywhere else in the UK — what is about a 1 hour drive from Huddersfield to Lincoln is a good 2½ to 3 hour train ride along bumpy winding country tracks.

No sooner had we checked in, we were back at “the shed” — one of two pubs within a stagger from the conference venue:

Yep, your eyes aren’t deceiving you – that’s David “Mr CODI” Schuster sampling the best that “the shed” has to offer!

After popping into another pub, we joined Jim Fraser (from Angus Council) and headed off for a curry at the Royal Tandoori (118 High Street). A fantastic curry, loads of chapatis, a cup of coffee, a complimentary glass of brandy, and all for less than a tenner each… life is good! 🙂

There’s a few more pictures here, including some shots of the “Glory Hole”.

  1. Bryony said:

    Very nice looking 🙂 No wonder you didn’t phone back last night 😉

  2. Sorry Bry – it was after 10pm when we left the curry house 🙂

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