Remind users to Log Out

Just a quick addition to the toolbar2.xsl file to remind a logged in user to log out:

Open up toolbar2.xsl and search for the following comment:

<!-- Logout option -->

A couple of lines below that, insert the code shown in blue after the <td> tag:

<xsl:if test="$patron_empowerment_disable = $false">
<span style="color: red; border-bottom: dashed black 1px; font-size: x-small;
font-weight: bold;">Don't forget to logout when you have finished!</span>
<xsl:variable name="list"> . . . .

some notes:

  1. this worked for me with the UK HIP 3.04 release
  2. back up your original toolbar2.xsl file before you make any changes!
  3. if you’ve got one, try it on your test HIP server first!

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